A Feline Friend Called Rocky

Between my morning job as a receptionist and afternoon job nannying, I often spend my hour or so of free time sitting in Waterstones curled up on a sofa reading – practicing my self-soothing skills and all. 

Today as I arrived at my usual spot on the double sofa next to the “Health and Wellbeing” section upstairs, I was greeted by an unfamiliar site. Sitting on my sofa (yes – MY sofa 😉) was a mass of furry feline life stretched out – and hogging my usual spot! 

Being a somewhat overly enthusiastic animal-lover, as well as a sucker for cuteness, cuddles and utter procrastination, it was inevitable that over the next hour not a single page of my book would get turned!…

Instead, I chose to take the opportunity to make a new friend. A member of staff told me that the cat’s name was Rocky and that he regularly comes to sit in Waterstones snoozing and entertaining passers-by. I could see why he was so popular immediately – as he was the friendliest cat I have ever come across! I had only been perched next to him on the sofa for a mere few seconds before he decided he would make a bed out of my lap. I stroked and massaged him whilst he purred sweetly and pressed his little paws into my tummy getting comfortable and intimate (and tickling me in the process!).

I had been so hectic and frazzled all morning at work, so it was such a welcome opportunity to simply stop, be present, and enjoy the unique moment for what it was. It was as though the universe had sent me a little gift – in the form of a cat called Rocky – to provide me with some nurture, love and (much-needed, as always) cuddles. 

Thank you Rocky for today and for reminding me to pause, be mindful, and appreciate the little things in life – the things that for me bring the most gratitude and pleasure for sure. I do hope we’ll meet again soon my furry little pal. 


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