Urges Are Like Feeding Stray Cats: An Analogy

“Urges are like feeding a stray cat… in the beginning you may want to feed the cat because it cries for food and attention. However, your act of feeding the stray cat encourages it to repeat its cries and attention seeking. You find yourself giving in each time. Over a period of time the cat grows bolder and even other cats start to join in, crying out for food and attention. 
Soon, you start to regret your actions since you have this large group of stray cats at your door… all the noise and other problems that come along with that. You start to believe that their survival depends on you… you’ve become trapped in this cycle.

What if, instead, you made the choice to resist feeding this army of cats? Sure, they’ll probably be loud for a few days. In fact, their cries will probably be the loudest when you’ve decided not to feed them. Soon, though, they come to realize that their cries are no longer working and they gradually diminish and disappear.

Urges do go away even though they may be very strong in the beginning. Remember that they will weaken. And with urge-surfing techniques, getting through even that peak moment of an urge will no longer be a problem for you.

Whenever an urge arises you basically have two choices: act upon it or don’t act upon it.

So, once you’re aware of an urge you need to ask yourself, “If I act on this urge, will I be acting like the person I want to be? Will it help take my life in the direction I want to go?”

(This writing is not my own, it is something my therapist sent me which was without an original source. However if you want to keep reading, I found this online).


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