A Brief Post of Appreciation

Today was a good day. Ironically, after yesterday’s post about my recent struggles with dissociation, today I felt the most consistently present I have felt for a long time.

I was able to spend the whole day with the girls I nanny, who are are currently on half-term. I arrived at their house at 10:30am – and bless them, they were still in their pyjamas. Before we left the house, we all made our packed lunches together to prepare for our picnic in the park which we bundled into a rucksack, along with a picnic blanket, camera and other goodies.

We scootered half way to the park (but took the bus up the huge hill!) and made it there by around midday. It was sunny, warm and breezy, the park was alive and lush, and the sky was a beautiful blue. The next few hours consisted of scootering around the park, visiting the butterfly house, climbing on sculptures and statues, playing hide-and-seek in the Flower Garden, running through sprinklers, wandering through the Water Garden, eating our delicious picnic, and playing in the playground and sandpit!

We then bought ourselves ice lollies which we savoured gleefully next to the dinosaurs before heading onto the next part of our journey. We scootered back down the huge hill towards the station, where we took a bus to an art studio nearby. The rest of our afternoon was spent choosing, designing and painting pottery together, getting messy and letting go, Accumulating (even more) Positives, and Fully Participating in the experience.

I was so incredibly Mindful and especially appreciative of my ability to remain present – especially considering the stark contrast compared to the dissociation I’ve been experiencing recently. It was so pleasurable and beautiful to be able to spend the entire day feeling a part of this world, grounded in my body, able in my mind, and present for my two lovely girlies.


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