Going Vegan?!

Tonight a dear friend of mine told me that she is becoming vegan. I was surprised when she asked me if I had any advice to give her, being a mere pescatarian (vegetarian but I eat fish) myself! Unfortunately I couldn’t offer her any specifically vegan pearls of wisdom, however, the conversation did get me thinking.

Now this may be a slightly impulsive decision, and it isn’t in any way one that I’m setting in stone; but I have decided rather spontaneously to join her in her voyage into veganism. I’m going to try it for a month and see how I go. If it doesn’t work out for me – or if my mother decides to disown me! – I can always go back to my regular pescatarianism (or even vegetarianism), if it’s more appropriate.

Some of the reasons that veganism is something I am interested in attempting are:

  • I am an avid animal-lover and hate to think of the conditions and lifestyles so many creatures are forced to live through, just to feed our 21st century first-world consumerism society. Having watched a number of documentaries on the topic I do feel strongly about the issues surrounding animal welfare, rights and exploitation.
  • I feel hypocritical being a pescatarian – why should I eat fish if I don’t eat any other meat? It’s not as though fish are lower on the animal rights hierarchy or inferior to other animals in any way. 
  • And it’s not as though all the farm animals providing eggs and dairy produce are treated any better than the animals that get killed for meat themselves – so why condone the exploitation of some animals, and not others? 
  • Looking into the future, a plant-based diet is much more sustainable and eco-friendly. Why not start now?!
  • I want to feel super connected to and at one with all aspects of nature and the living world, and practice compassion in the most extreme form I can. 
  • I want to feel pure and healthy, energised and empowered and I think it would suit my lifestyle just fine and make me feel clean…
  • …and proud of myself too.
  • I like being different and not following societal norms. I believe it’s something I could become passionate about and advocate for myself with more research and knowledge around the subject. 
  • I will aim to show my body the love and nurture I haven’t shown it for a long while by using this as a marker of a new chapter in my emotional and physical recovery. 
  • I think mentally and practically it could help my eating disorder behaviours and cognitions if I do this effectively – I hope eating clean will help me value my body, health and self more highly and feel more motivated to perpetuate that state of being, in both mind and body.
  • I think it may also help minimise the element of fear I have around certain meals/ eating-related events and perhaps enable me to state my needs around food more confidently and with an explanation I feel safe using.
  • It is so much better for the environment in terms of pollution, global warming, efficient land use, deforestation; ultimately it would lower my “carbon footprint” by a significant amount.
  • It’s a challenge and I like feeling as though I am working towards a goal/ am achieving personal targets.
  • I don’t mind what other people do, or how or what they eat. This is a personal decision, one which fits in with my lifestyle, ethics and  desires, and one which I feel will help me in my overall recovery process.

I will officially start tomorrow, the 1st of June 2015. (I will use Sunday to investigate more fully and have an ‘orientation’ day, but want to start on the 1st of a month because I am pedantic like that 😜.)

I’m excited!


4 thoughts on “Going Vegan?!

  1. You listed similar reasons that I went vegan about six years ago. Just remember, if being completely vegan somehow doesn’t work out for you right away (you have your own reasons), it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I found that giving up dairy was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my body (and the animals, of course). SO many changes occurred: my skin became more clear, I stopped taking acid reflux medications, etc. There are many alternatives that might take getting used to, but once you’re into the lifestyle, it’s a breeze. Good luck.


  2. I will just say I disagree. One I feel plants feel pain and 2 if everyone goes vegan or vegetarian the plants will be in danger of elimination. Just my opinion.


    • I don’t think plants feel pain as they don’t have a nervous system and I come from a scientific background. Anyway that’s why I said I don’t mind what other people eat or do, it’s just something I would like to do for myself. 🙂

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