Okay, I think I’m getting seriously attached to my therapist. Today she asked me if I can do a double session (2 hours with a small break in the middle) next Tuesday, as I am away for our Friday session. I’ve never had a “double” session before, and I’m so excited and secretly pleased. I acted so blasé and uncaring externally, but inside I was jumping with joy. When these little gestures occur between therapists and myself, I feel like a child being showered in love, and it fills me up inside.

She also gave me a surprise gift at the end of our session. It’s a blank puzzle that you can personalise, and she gave it to me specifically as a Mindfulness exercise I can engage in:

I feel like she ACTUALLY CARES about me.

P.s. I’m feeling guilty for my lack of posts recently. I’ve just been very busy with work, specifically nannying. I’m also going away from Thursday-Sunday and am totally under prepared. I am working on a lot of interpersonal issues too, which means dedicating time to real-life connections as opposed to virtual/online musings. I miss writing when I don’t and will have a lot to say when I’m back after this weekend!


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