A Moment of Pure JOY 

I took the girls to Hyde Park today. We did so much whilst we were there including the Princess Diana memorial playground and fountain, the Serpentine museums, flower garden, waffles, merry-go-round, picnic lunch and more. 

But the best part was the helicopter….

I had glimpsed something red in the distance and we decided to go investigate as part of our grand adventure. The red form turned out to be a helicopter standing in the middle of the green, with a group of people (semi)encircling it at a safe enough distance as advised by a few policemen. 

As it turned out, we had got there just at the right time; within a few minutes the pilot started revving the engine, the blades spinning, the crowd cheering. The helicopter finally took off and the noise and impact it created was immense. I never could have imagined a helicopter take-off to be so darn exciting. It was actually terrifying because we were so close and because it was so overwhelming to the senses; and that rush of adrenaline is what made me tick I’m sure. 

I think I was even more excited than the girls. The 11 year old was laughing at me (endearingly) for being so soppy over the whole thing! I truly did feel like I was going to cry, and I couldn’t stop smiling. I think I was just so grateful for the burst of happiness after a low week that I refused to let anything get in the way. Nothing else mattered in that moment – it was just me and the helicopter in its dramatic and overpowering glory!

I am sure you can hear my enthusiasm in the video clips below 😆:

Skill of the day: Mindfulness of Positive Experiences! 


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