Mindfulness of Current Emotions

One of my favourite DBT Skills is Mindfulness of Current Emotions. It refers to the process of observing, describing, and most importantly allowing whatever emotions you are experiencing to ‘wash over’ you like a wave – without pushing them away, trying to change them in some form, and vitally, without judging them.

There is a belief in DBT that blocking or distracting from emotions leads to an increase in suffering; The alternative path of emotional freedom therefore lies in this Mindfulness of Current Emotions (MOCE) skill, in which our emotions and/or problems can be worked through, simply in feeling them. (Or at least starting off that way!)

Here is the MOCE worksheet explaining how you can engage in the skill. I find it extremely helpful to keep a copy of this one saved on my phone so that I can be reminded and guided by the instructions:

We also watched this video by Beth Freimuth on this similar and related skill – Riding The Wave of Emotions. She explains it in a beautiful, practical and realistic way here: Beth Freimuth on Riding The Wave of an Emotion


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