I Hate to Admit That I Am Struggling

I never want to share on here when I am experiencing difficulties, because I feel I “ought” to be doing/feel/managing things better at this point in my life and recovery. Recently though, I have been struggling more, both psychologically and emotionally. This is also why I have been slacking with my blog. I have been mentally exhausted.

I haven’t relapsed with any self-harming behaviours, thank goodness. The struggles have been related predominately to my increased low mood, unpredictable periods of intense anxiety, and intrusive thoughts I have been experiencing. 

I am also having a hard time letting go of the resentment and sadness I feel towards being ill at this point in time. Though I know this ruminating is only going to be fueling the negative emotions further, I feel righteous within my anger and upset all the same. 

My friend sent me a beautiful excerpt from a Mindfulness book, which I have been trying to practice. I thought I would share it with you all:

So… Here’s to trying to tend to the original open wound, instead of aggravating it even further.


8 thoughts on “I Hate to Admit That I Am Struggling

  1. You write so beautifully, I hope things look up soon- have missed reading your blog in my break from WordPress. wanted to ask if you had any thoughts on my recent blog post about taking responsibility (not the 2 re-blogged ones) only because I feel we have a lot of similar experiences and I’m looking for advice. If you’re not up to it though, completely understand. Anyway, am always inspired by your blog x

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