For Anyone Contemplating The ‘Point’ of Life

Something I often struggle with when things are not going so swimmingly is questioning the point in my existence. When reality is challenging me mentally and emotionally, my thinking can become pretty distorted and catastrophic; I often jump to a place of existentialism and despair, perhaps indulging in my feelings of purposelessness, aimlessness and worthlessness, to a not-so-beneficial degree!

Today a close friend of mine was struggling with similar feelings herself. She asked me what my thoughts are on ‘The Point Of Life’. Being in a much more manageable place this evening myself, I felt able to offer her a balanced yet realistic and perhaps hopeful – though somewhat disjointed! –  response:

Q: What is, in your opinion, the point of life?

A: I guess my personal answer would be that I don’t think there is a single defining point to life/ my life. What I mean is that I do not believe that there is, can be, or even should be one specific universal explanation for our individual and collective existence. (Unless you’re talking evolutionary theory but screw that for the mo!).

Personally, I know that when I try to find THE meaning of life; when I try to search for a tangible reason for everything I deem so unreasonable at times, I get stuck in a bit of a rut. In trying to intellectualise and assume a “point” in life, I end up totally missing out on the genuine point. Ironic I know.

I guess for me, especially as I feel shit quite a lot of the time, it’s about really holding onto those moments when I can think to myself,
“This is it, this is why I am alive”
You know that feeling when everything just makes sense and slots into place and nothing else matter… I guess I live for that feeling. Feeling free and liberated and IN THE MOMENT and beautifully aware and fully experiencing what I am going through in any meaningful given moment of time.

And then of course, invaluably for me, is the process of connecting.

Connecting to the world and to others; laughing from my belly so much in hurts; skiing with the wind in my hair unable to take the smile of my face; horse-riding and roller coasters; rainbows and climbing trees and visiting beautiful natural sites; anything animal-related and the sun shining through the trees; pressing my face up against a window watching fireworks; getting stuck in a rainstorm and embracing it, succumbing to it; hearing a child’s laughter or a baby giggle for the first time; living for the moments filled with love I can truly access from friends and family – those rare moments of pure joy.


12 thoughts on “For Anyone Contemplating The ‘Point’ of Life

  1. I’m really struggling with this concept right now, as well. In fact, my therapist and I are working on some very action oriented goals and one of my goals is that I want to know what my purpose in life is, and I feel like all of the other goals I need to accomplish will dictate this one for me. There was a time in my life, when I simply NEW what I wanted/needed out of life and that was my purpose…now, unfortunately, I have no clue what it is I should be doing or what direction I should be going.

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    • Sorry to hear that you are struggling with this concept at the moment. Maybe it would help to break down your end goal of “knowing what your purpose in life is” into smaller chunks…. Asking yourself what, in any given moment, could potentially add meaning and substance to your life. And making the ultimate goal of finding a purpose less daunting. Also I find that when I focus too much on trying to understand ‘the point’, I get further away from actually experiencing it. Maybe mindfulness could be helpful if you are someone who tends to ruminate a lot – it has really helped me live in the moment much more than I was able to before.
      Also, if you’re living in the moment, it can feel more manageable not knowing so concretely where you want to end up.
      And there are no “should”s in my opinion! Perhaps if you find a way to relieve some of the pressure/ judgements you have toward yourself, the ‘point’ will come more naturally and when the time is right – like in those moments I wrote about when I experience a sensation of “everything making sense”, “fitting into place”, and the influx of knowledge that “this is why I am alive”.
      (P.s. I’m super sleepy, apologies if this doesn’t make so much sense!)

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  2. Really identify with the bit about thinking on it I can’t see the point but there are moments when I too am like this is what it’s about! And inspired by this blog I’ve decided to record when I feel like that quickly and do a art journal page for each one so that I can remember it when not in the same mindset. As always, thanks a bunch xx

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