‘Mindful Society’ at University

I have joined Mindful Society at my university!

It is a new society that has never been run before, and so it feels extra special to have the opportunity to be a part of it right from its birth. I hope that it is something I can remain a part of as time goes on, and perhaps even join the committee at some point in the future.

On Mondays, we meet at 6pm for ‘Mindful Meditation‘ sessions, in which we participate in guided group meditations and related exercises and discussions. These sessions mainly comprise the practical element of Mindfulness and its methods of practice.

I cannot express the profound sense of oneness and calm that I have experienced so far in these group meditations, of often 40 people or more. It is not just motivating to be meditating in the presence of others, but also inspiring and invigorating to be embarking on such a journey alongside so many like-minded individuals. The journey is both profoundly personal but it can also be experienced collectively, and there is something special about this for me; the whole process carries with it a felt sense of safety and feeling of ‘rightness’.

On Thursdays we meet again for the second weekly session which we call the ‘Mindful Collective‘. During this session the aim isn’t specifically to engage in mindful practices as we do on Mondays, but instead to learn about Mindfulness through a range of platforms.

We are due to have workshops, group discussions, videos and talks, lectures by external specialists, and more. We also have some ideas regarding how we can bring the concept of Mindfulness beyond the four walls of the room and into the entire university community, and hope to plan and run events which aim to do just that.

As someone who struggles socially to fit in, especially in institutions like school and university, an opportunity like this one has been a blessing. So far the people I have met in Mindful Society are similar to me; either in their academic interests, personal experiences, passion for Mindfulness itself or pure willingness to try something new in the interest of self development. I feel like I fit in there, at least to an extent, and have even been able to answer some questions and share my opinion publicly during the group discussions we have had – and with great feedback, curiosity and zero judgement at that!

We are a bunch of sensitive people with a mutual passion in common – to be Mindful within our lives and the lives of those around us, whilst striving to spread awareness of the value that this holds.


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