I used to think that experiencing a crisis meant that I was too far gone to bring myself back from some sort of edge. But then I watched this TED Talk (Jamie Zimmerman on ‘Finding the Gap’) and it has helped me to start changing my perspective…

A situation which in the past would have ended me up in a full-blown crisis is a situation I can now consider as being an opportunity for learning, application of newly acquired skills, and growth. 

Jamie Zimmerman, who recently drowned age just 31, referred to these times as ‘Crisi-tunities‘, and this is something that has really stuck with me. I think her tragic and unexpected death made me appreciate and find an even deeper meaning in the messages she shared with the world. 

Her reason for creating the phrase was based on the Chinese word for ‘Crisis‘. It is made up of 2 symbols – one meaning ‘Danger‘ and one meaning ‘Opportunity‘. I will leave this open to individuals’ personal interpretations, but it felt rather pertinent and applicable for me!

RIP Jamie.  


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