Merry Chrimbo and All That Jazz

On another note, my sister has just straightened her hair and put on a ton of make-up, so that she can “take photos and put them on Instagram” later when we make Smores. I seem to be such an anomaly when it comes to selfies and social media stunts such as that… but I would 1000% rather be this way because being like that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me. 

This morning Santa came and since opening presents, we have done very little and it has been beautiful. I definitely ate too much cheese yesterday because I had a cheese hangover this morning and I have been lethargic and spaced out all day.

Later we are making Smores which sounds so American and also so so yummy (as long as they are vegetarian).

Tomorrow my friend is coming to stay with me (driving 7 hours to see me!) and I’m so excited and nervous because even though I count her as one of my absolutely closest friends, I’ve never actually met her before. It’s gonna be beautiful. Especially if I continue to be this delirious. (Apologies in advance, said friend)

Now everyone is fighting because the shop closes soon but no one can be bothered to get Smores. I guess I’ll go get the Smores, ey?


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