In DBT skills group today in the Mindfulness module we spent time thinking about being Non-judgmental when adopting a mindful stance.

I went for coffee with another member after group and about three times in every sentence we found ourselves using judgements, usually negative ones directed at ourselves (of course).  We kept stopping one another and interrupting with the exclamation JUDGMENTS!!!”  just as our therapist does, laughing at how DBT and therapy is infiltrating our brains….

I wrote more about judgments and the value in practicing non-judgmentalism here.

So, goal of the week – notice when I find myself judging people, places, things (and especially myself), and turn the judgment into a description, as we discussed last week.

P.s. Is it ‘judgements’ or ‘judgments’…. I really do not know?


3 thoughts on “JUDGMENTS!!

  1. I remember, while our treatment paths intersected, we all had a lot of trouble with self judgements. I remember the word should came up so often, was so ingrained into our vocabulary, that we simply judged ourselves so quickly that we wouldn’t realize until we were on to the next sentence that something like that had happened.
    In other news, I apologize for the radio silence, but I had to put some of me back together after moving, because I started to fall apart again. I will hopefully be blogging regularly again, and I am going to try to start messaging you again. Feel free to shoot me words in electronic form at any time.
    That American Friend of yours.

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