Mindfulness/ MiSP Conference 2016

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a whole day mindfulness conference by offering to volunteer a few hours of my time there. It was organised by MiSP (Mindfulness in Schools Project), an organisation which facilitates the opportunity for schools to incorporate Mindfulness into their curriculums in a number of ways. 

The day was hosted by Mark Williams, founder of MBCT and highly renowned expert in the field of Mindfulness. Other speakers included big names such as Richard Burnett (founder of MiSP and cocreator of “.b”, pronounced “dot b” i.e. “Stop and Be”) and Jamie Bristow (director of The Mindfulness Initiative) amongst many more.

Talks ranged from historical introductory aspects of Mindfulness, to the neuroscience of Mindfulness, its use within clinical settings and even in the classroom for both primary and secondary age pupils. 

The atmosphere felt alive yet calm, and all the people present showed immense passion and compassion for what they do. The speakers were modest and human despite their expertise, and the content hugely thought-provoking and inspiring.

The place for Mindfulness based practices and implementations within institutional settings for young people was highlighted more than anything. More and more evidence is being gathered supporting the effectiveness of Mindfulness on boosting mental health and wellbeing from as young as 4 years old. If Mindfulness can be brought into schools, the future could be a lot brighter for upcoming generations. The statistics and visions for the future were staggering.

I came away feeling so lucky to be a part of something – not just as a member of the committee for my university’s Mindful Society, or as an attendee and volunteer at the event itself, but as one of the growing numbers of advocates involved in the initiative of Mindfulness in the UK as a whole. 



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