Grounding: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

From earlier today, when walking in a dissociative daze and attempting to use skills to bring me back to the present moment –

  • 5 things you see:
    A gnarled tree trunk with moss growing down one side
    Glass on the pavement glistening in the sun
    A white van with a black rotator on top spinning in the wind
    Black pointed gates separating the cemetery from the road
    A sign that says lion-something but depicts an animal that looks more like a tiger
  • 4 things you hear:
    The sound of my shoes clomping
    Cars going past me; louder as they near, quieter as they disappear
    Birds tweeting
    The wind blowing leaves in trees
  • 3 things you can touch:
    The soft lining of my faux-fur coat
    My hand grazing against the brick wall
    The corners of my phone case in my right pocket
  • 2 things you smell:
    Exhaust fumes
    Something fresh like grass
  • 1 thing I taste:
    Remnants of rich goat’s cheese from lunch

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