Mental Health Research Assistant Position!

I have exciting news: I have been offered the position of a research assistant volunteer over the summer months. The research is all related to BPD and the team are at the forefront of the field. It is very exciting, and I am also super relieved because it means I will have structure over the summer months. 

The research is al about BPD, DBT, PTSD and C-PTSD. Specifically I will be helping the team analyse data regarding:

  • Patients’ experiences of DBT and of prolonged exposure for PTSD.
  • Parenting interventions for parents with personality disorders
  • Psychological interventions in inpatient settings

I won’t be able to be part of the team if I’m behaviourally unstable as it wouldn’t be appropriate. So, it is a huge incentive for me to keep doing what I am doing; remaining abstinent from self-harm and using skills to stabilise as much as possible. And all with the hope of being able to ultimately use my experiences to help others in some way.

Ironically, my therapist knows the professor, and it feels very strange that my two worlds (of real-life, professional, responsible psychology student me and in-therapy, vulnerable, struggling, Borderline me) are colliding in this way!


14 thoughts on “Mental Health Research Assistant Position!

    • Ooh that’s great! Well I emailed about 50 people and only heard back from a handful, mostly telling me they didn’t have anything available! So I think maybe the reason I got this one is because I have contacts, as in I found her (albeit indirectly) through an association I am a client of for DBT! It’s really hard to find but I would recommend that you keep hunting and sending those emails until something comes up! Are you a student? I usually explain that I am a) a student and b) have lived experience. I think they quite like it when people have that “head start”of experience. Email me if I can be of more help! It also depends where you are based, if you’re at uni, etc – many factors! X

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