Colour Therapy

I’ve become a little obsessed with colouring in as a form of Mindfulness, Self-Soothing and Distress Tolerance related distraction.

When I’m ruminating I find that colouring in really calms me down. I am not entirely sure why as one would think that it is possible to be thinking unwanted thoughts just as much as usual, regardless of if colouring in or not simultaneously. However, for some reason I find that my mind goes quite blank (in a pleasant way) when I am colouring in, and minutes can go by in which I do not notice any of the distressing thoughts previously being experienced.

It provides a nice reprieve from the incessant thoughts, and seems to slow everything down. I find it immensely calming. It is almost a form of escapism – albeit a healthy one. The motion of the pen is quite comforting as well; rather absorbing and addictive, once I get into the flow. Apparently, because it is a centering activity, it affects the amygdala – the emotion regulation centre of the brain.

Here are a couple of recent pages from two colouring book I’ve been using:



I’m now moving onto Project Floral Elephant. Someone special got the huge banner for me for my birthday, and I plan to colour it in (eventually – it’s huge!), then frame it and hang it above my bed.

Who says I’m too old to benefit from a good old colouring in session? It’s not like I’m going to be turning 22 on Wednesday, or anything 😉


4 thoughts on “Colour Therapy

  1. Here in the US, they have infomercials for coloring books for adults. You can buy adult coloring books in the stores and bookstores. There’s a Harry Potter and a Dr. Who coloring book and that’s just the tip of the coloring book ice berg. There are websites too where you can print off coloring pages. I’ve done that and taken them to skills group.

    And if you want to talk doing childish things in the name of therapy, yesterday’s mindfulness session in skills group was blowing bubbles. Pretty awesome. Oh, and I turn 36 in October.

    Happy Birthday a day early!

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  2. Glad to hear this is helpful for you. It’s certainly sweeping the nations as a huge trend, so there is quite a lot available.
    I find working on art very helpful as well. It is, in face, why I began painting! I doodle, sketch, draw, paint, craft, etc as some form of mindfulness. Probably the One Thing In The Moment skill as well as mastery. How great does it feel to finish something and see how proud you can be of your work!?
    Keep on arting!

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