A Thrill-Seeking Phase

I’ve always been a bit of a reckless adrenaline junkie, but for many years I went about getting my hit in ways that were not very good for me. Recently, I have found new ways of seeking the thrills I crave. 

Firstly, I have been going to fairgrounds in London. I have gone on the most stomach-churning rides, egging myself on to achieve what I know most people I know would not dare to even try, pushing myself to the limit. It has been so much fun; I literally cannot stop smiling when I’m on the rides – and they are incredibly grounding too.

Secondly, I had a horror movie marathon with a close friend over the weekend. Every moment I was gripped in terror by each of the movies, I felt more connected and pumped than I had all week. Being so riled up, due not to my own generalised anxiety but thanks to these terrifying movies, was an adrenaline rush I actually found pretty pleasurable. Much more manageable arousal than the usual anxiety I have to deal with which is usually so much more intangible than a horror movie, anyway.

I also took part in a tree-top obstacle course with my sister, with only a self-controlled harness for protection (basically, if I messed it up, it could result in fatality!). Swinging into Tarzan nets, cascading down zip wires and jumping from heights of 20 metres, I was again in my element. 

So now I’m thinking…. I would really like to go sky-diving at some point in the near future – I think that one is next on my list.


2 thoughts on “A Thrill-Seeking Phase

  1. Thanks for the ideas, I have the same need for stimulation. After studying this in my nursing program I realize that it really is necessary for us to have that chemical rush in our brains in order to actually feel normal. Good for you for finding those healthy outlets! I hope to do the same!

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