Invisible Borderline

The highs are just as dysregulated and dysfunctional as the lows. The highs make the crashes hit even harder.

It’s so unpredictable, I can flip to the opposite extreme in a flash and have no idea what’s triggered it.

When I’m around people I think I am okay, because I have to be okay.

And despite the fact I hate acting, it turns out I am a fucking good actress.

Sometimes I even believe I am okay; I tell them how well I am doing and actually feel it for a moment.

But a short while later I’m back on the floor, unable to function – and all I want is for them to see this secret side of me, too. 

Sometimes I wish I could be as broken with other people as I am when I’m alone. 


5 thoughts on “Invisible Borderline

  1. It’s amazing how well we can act around most people most of the time, holding a lot of it in but alone or with people we feel safe around…watch out. I relate all too well to this and it’s exhausting sometimes, it really is. (((HUGS)))

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