Skill of the Day: Facebook Basketball

I found a new DBT Distress Tolerance activity. It’s basketball on Facebook, believe it or not. 

I’m not usually one for online games or apps, but recently my friend introduced me to this one, and it’s been a real help. When I feel an influx of anxiety or become consumed with unhelpful thoughts, I take out my phone and go back to playing Facebook basketball. It really calms the anxiety as it is so preoccupying and addictive. 

My friend and I also get super competitive so it takes all my focus trying to beat her high score. It’s helpful having her engage in the game with me, too, without having to explain my intentions. Skill use is easier when someone else is involved, I find.

All you do is go onto a chat on Facebook and type in and send the basketball emoji that looks like this –> 🏀

Once it’s been sent, click on it and the game will begin.

My high score is 22. Try beating that, suckers!


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