‘Felt-Sense’ Nightmares

Last night I dreamt the same nightmare about 8 times. Every time I would wake up in a panic, sweating and with my heart pounding. And every time I fell back to sleep, the nightmare would reoccur. My friend was staying over and I feel extremely safe with her, but even her presence couldn’t calm my unconscious!

I’m frustrated because I cannot remember the specifics of the dreams, even though I remember the feelings associated with them like crystal. This happens often; I may not remember the actual images so clearly, but the felt sense of the experience remain intact and often overwhelming viscerally.

Usually the physical sensations associated with my nightmares are ones of panic. Often there is also shame, self-disgust, sadness or jealousy. Last night however I only remember anger. Literally suffocating anger as I was short of breathe each time I awoke. Feeling anger in this way is not common for me at all which makes it even more bizarre. Why anger!? I have never had such a strong sense of anger either within a dream or upon waking. I wonder what it means and if it’s related to my EMDR session at all. I’m going to text my T.

If anyone else has experience of dreams that become nightmarish thanks to the physical sensations they evoke (and perhaps the tangible images of the dream get lost, like mine did last night), please tell me your experiences!


2 thoughts on “‘Felt-Sense’ Nightmares

  1. Hello again 🙂 I have two reoccurring nightmares. The most common one is me fighting with this one specific sister, just saying the worst things possible, and I’ll wake up literally biting my pillow. One time I woke up biting my own arm. I’ll still be furious for hours, even though I know it was just a dream.
    The worst one is about my twin, and I wake up so terrified and distraught that I have to run down the hall to talk to her. I have no idea what triggers them, though…

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