Physical and Emotional Car Crash of a Day

Today my sister was in a car crash. She was taken in an ambulance to hospital in what could have been a critical condition. The ambulance crew said it is a miracle that she has come away with only the injuries she has (fractured lower back, messed up ankle, seatbelt burns, bruising all over) given the state of the car, and that if anyone had been in the passenger seat they probably would have died. She was on the motorway traveling in the fast lane (70mph), 5 cars were involved (my sister was the 3rd car) and over 10 people, and the entire section of the motorway had to be closed off.

She was coming down from uni to see our Mum as a surprise for her birthday. She was 5 minutes away from turning off the motorway when the crash happened.

I am not making this into a long post. I am just so grateful that she is alive and physically going to be okay at least for the most part. Who knows how this will affect her psychologically; an event like this is surely traumatising and a shock to the system.

But today got me thinking. It’s been a real roller coaster of an afternoon and I’m only just calming down from the shock myself. Life is so precious and can be taken from you in an instant. I never usually think that way, especially having wanted to die so many times before. I take life for granted because it’s not something I often value, because of my mental health difficulties and everything that entails. But today has changed my perspective – at least in this moment – and I am so fucking grateful to be alive.

My sister is grateful to have survived what she’s been through and she is going to get through this. I am grateful to have survived what I have been through and I am going to keep getting through this (the whole life thing) too.


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