Pregnancy, Babies and Breastfeeding Fantasies

This posts feels like a risk to publish but….

It is 3:20am and I cannot sleep because I am obsessing about pregnancy and babies. This has been going on for a couple of days now and I am unsure what it is about. My thoughts have been taken over by fantasies about being pregnant, giving birth, being a new mother, breastfeeding, and variations on the theme. 

This obsession has infiltrated into my dreams as well. I have been having nightmares about being a new mother desperate but unable to connect with my infant in some way. Last night I woke up 5 times from the same dream in which I was unable to get my dream baby to suckle despite my best efforts. Every time I fell back to sleep I failed her yet again. We just could not attune in the way I was desperate to.

There are a million reasons why it is not an option right now for me to have a baby and it is not something I am considering even slightly. But for some reason I am experiencing a fair amount of pain in relation to these fantasies. I have been watching related videos, reading forums and thinking about newborn babies non-stop. I feel empty and like something mighty is missing inside of me. The desire to have a baby I can hold and feed and soothe, someone who is mine and who is my entire world, is overwhelming.

This new feeling inside of me is screaming and it’s scary. I have always known I want to be a mother (way in the future!), but I have never been so consumed by these urges as I am right now. The thought of carrying a living being inside of me, or being able to breastfeed a newborn baby, fills me with a craving I cannot describe. 

I am remembering when I was a child and I used to pretend to breastfeed my teddies; soothe them and tell them it was all going to be okay. It’s almost as though I am entering that fantasy world again.

The desire to have that sort of connection is taking me over entirely. Perhaps it is something about yearning for that level of intimacy and unconditional love with another being. Or maybe there’s genuinely just something wrong with my hormones! I’ve never quite felt like this before and it’s confusingly shameful and scary. 

And it’s not just emotional and mental but a real visceral experience as well, especially the dreams. I’m scared to go to sleep. I wonder what it all means.


8 thoughts on “Pregnancy, Babies and Breastfeeding Fantasies

  1. Dear BB: Please just delete if this is way off base…. but it so reminds me of phases I’ve gone through.. the baby I was dreaming of birthing and nursing and loving was me … so lovely to be able to give myself what I should have had from the beginning … and wow .. feeling adult and ready for this new love.
    BTW, I must tell you I am 74 – did indeed have 2 real babies … who are now Daddies …and I have the joy of 3 grand babies! With lots and lots of therapy help over decades, I have been and am the Mom I wanted to be. Hugs – TS

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  2. I wonder if the tough time you’ve had over the last week with your therapist (coz that was HUGELY emotional for you, esp with the non-affection/hug thing going on), has created a void inside and sub consciously your mind is finding a way to fill it – albeit by dreams of unconditional love from your own baby. You are obviously being very rationale though by not entertaining actually being pregnant, with the wisdom of realising its the wrong time…… so I hope you’re not too worried about it. And what interesting fodder for therapy at your next session. I wonder what your therapist will make of it.

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    • Thanks Coops! Yes I think so much has come up this week that relates to my connections with my therapist, my early relationships and myself. Coming out in many directions. It’s all rather discombobulating! (And no way am I having a baby, it’s not an option for me and won’t be until/ unless I am mentally well enough and in a stable and loving long term relationship. I’m not worried about it per se, just feel affected, longing and sad….) thanks lovely.


  3. I always have dreams of nursing. I either can’t produce milk, am searching for a breast pump to try and produce more milk, and these dreams will go on and on and on. I’m really glad you posted this because I’ve never shared that with anyone. I have these once a week at least and i have no clue why!

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