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  1. I’m 63, struggled all my life , 36 years clean and sober , just found out 18 mo ago have BPD . Come off psychotropic meds like citalipram, serequel, adivanetc ……except small dose (15mg) of Mirtazipine . Feel more ” alive” and dropped 30 pounds……but my underlying fears come to the surface as anger and resentment …..
    Lacking DBT in my remote area has me searching on Facebook for groups of DBT and skills ……but honestly it’s a zoo at times and I slam mt laptop down in frustration .
    I’ve ordered the DBT skills workbook (green cover ) and I hope it’s for scatter brains like me .
    But I’m wondering if you have any tricks or skill you found useful to help ” bite my tongue” when I’m in agpnger or feel the need to be ” in the right ” ?
    Are there any other groups ( other than Facebook .cuz that all I know at this time ….im not good at computer stuff either ) ……l that you’d recommend I try ? Thankyou , and Thankyou for your blog

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