The immigration advisor reviews the details along with Documentation you received during the exam of your application for continuous canada investor visaselection. Relevant points are awarded particular focus, dependent on the application decided on. Your strategy to repay in Québec pr, your background in management, your investment agreement along with also your web resources & evidence of your own source and lawful acquisition

Entrepreneur Candidate

Your educational level, your language abilities, your stay At qiip Québec, the participation of all members of the dwelling in Québec, the financial self-sufficiency, the internet resources & signs of their source. And valid acquisition, evidence deposit, your marketing plan, and, where proper, your own ceremony offers.

Self-employed worker Candidate

Your instruction degree, your speech abilities, your own stay Quebec, the participation of relatives in Quebec, your financial self sufficiency, both the net assets and signs of their origin, and also legal acquisition. And also a few of one’s professional experiences as just a self-employed worker within the business exactly where you wish to establish your project in Quebec. If essential, you may question from the adviser for additional documentation, or you might be asked for a selection examination to finish the procedure for reviewing your application. This interview invitation will soon specify precisely the date, area, and time of this meeting, in addition to the records that you need to take. You may have an interpreter, plus a lawyer who was part of the Barreau du Québec may accompany you.

Of Use Details

That Ministère de l’Immigration, p la Francisation et p L’Intégration has centralized selection interview in Montréal before 2017. Like a consequence, screening assignments for immigrant Faculties programs overseas are uncommon. Achievable outcomes of an application interview or evaluation The adviser may agree to: reevaluate your program: for both self help workers and applicants for internet marketers. In the event the derive from your application evaluation is positive, you will receive your Certificate of Qualification of Québec (CSQ) through email.